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—- Sandi Huddleston-Edwards

The Good Sheriff: A Life of Servitude, Faith, and Survival is now available. This page-turner evokes a myriad of emotions from readers: laughter, tears, anger, and happiness.

Accolades are abundant:

“This is the best book I’ve ever written.”

“He lived some kind of life.”

“I want to buy extra copies so my family can read it, too.”

“I laughed and cried. It was really good!”

Until you read about Dan Good’s experiences in the Marines’ boot camp, Vietnam, as a N.C. Highway Patrolman, as the Rutherford County Sheriff for four terms, and as a survivor after losing both of his biological daughters seven years apart, you can’t understand the magnitude of faith and hope he displayed to just survive period. Dangers he encountered as a law enforcement officer was nothing compared to losing his two daughters, Angie and Catherine, and his best friend, Robert (Pete) Peterson.

Get your copy today at http://www.HearMyHeart.net or Amazon.