A Stranger to Myself

Faith. Family. Inspiration. Dreams. Shattered. Love. Grace. Miracles. Joni. Optimism. Belief. Saved. Jesus. God. 

This is an inspiring story of faith and family for anyone who has been disappointed by life and who has had dreams altered, threatened with failure, or even destroyed. Kelly Spence Cain and I co-authored this beautiful story of faith and family and how God’s love and grace miraculously reassembled the shattered pieces of Kelly’s face and body and blessed her with new dreams and a new purpose after she survived a merciless tragedy.

Two constants – faith and family – are what kept the eighteen year old Kelly alive during her darkest days and gave her the will to live. “God offered me a new life with more meaning, more beauty, and more promise than I could ever imagine possible. I’ve learned that everything happens for a reason; nothing is impossible with God. He is in the miracle-making business.”

Even though a tragic accident left her comatose and legally blind with a life-long brain injury, she enjoys tennis, ballroom dancing, snow-skiing, traveling, and public speaking. Kelly recently married Howard, “the love of my life.” They reside in Hernando, Florida.

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