Finding Love at the Eiffel Tower

Book 3 of this trilogy, “Finding Love at the Eiffel Tower,” continues the story of Alexandra (Alex) Gabriel, an adjunct English instructor and aspiring novelist, who has endured the suicide of her husband, Tony, and who has become the primary caretaker of her mother. She’s almost forgotten about her romanticized dreams to write novels and to travel to Paris, France, to view the Eiffel Tower.

But after the death of her mother, Alex’s sister encourages her to “take this time in your life to do something for yourself.” So Alex decides to take an extended vacation to visit her lifelong dream’s destination – Paris, France. Upon arrival, she is overwhelmed by its beauty. The Eiffel Tower takes her breath away when she spies it for the first time. Each day, she learns more about the city, its people, and its vast history. As she falls in love with her surroundings, she begins to write her first novel. One day while writing and lunching close to the Eiffel Tower, she meets an interesting American – a minister. Over the course of hours and days spent together, they fall in love with the promise of a future together.

It is her Christian faith, her beloved sister, and friends that have provided the support, comfort, and sustenance throughout Alex’s dark times and who are there to support her through this journey of love and promise. At the end of Book 3, as Alex and the Minister are planning a future together, she receives notification that her novel has been accepted for publication. This story is sprinkled with themes of faith, hope, joy, persistence, and love. Travel, love, romance, the experiences of a struggling writer, and Parisian history are incorporated.