A Melody Too Sweet to Forget: JoAnna Rosalie DeSilva Berggren’s Memoir

The purpose of this book is to illustrate to readers there are good people in the world who make a difference and who touch us in special ways. People tend to write about bad people all the time. My daughter JoAnna was a teacher for seven years and touched a lot of people throughout her life. We didn’t realize how many people her life had impacted before she passed away. There are many people who loved her and miss her just as we do. Good memories can be left for everyone, not just family members.

I want people to open this book and for it to convey an inspirational message of how they can live their lives as JoAnna did. She loved what she did as a music teacher. She loved to attend church every Sunday. She loved being the cantor for the Mass and being the choir director for the Children’s Mass. She loved being surrounded by people. And she loved being happy.  Simply, JoAnna was love in bodily form.

I don’t want anyone to forget her and forget there are people like her in this world. There are people you grow up with you that you don’t forget. That’s the way my daughter was. She touched people and they don’t forget her. I don’t write this to make a lot of money. But I would like to make money to give to her scholarship fund. Hopefully, readers will say, “Look what an impact this one person was able to do with her life just because she was kind and good and loved.”

–JoAnn DeSilva