Love’s Scattered Moments

Book 1 of this trilogy, “Love’s Moments,” is the story of Alexandra (Alex) Gabriel, an adjunct English instructor and aspiring novelist, who has been married to Tony, her high school sweetheart for nine years. Her dreams are to write novels and travel to Paris, France, to see the Eiffel Tower. The couple lives in Durham, North Carolina, where they went to rivaling high schools. The story is sprinkled with flashbacks of endearing times (e.g., when they met, their wedding and honeymoon, tragic death of Tony’s brother, divorce of Alex’s parents, etc.) that cemented their love for each other.
But after nine years of marriage, Tony’s mother’s death seems to jumpstart him into a self-destructive spiral as he becomes addicted to prescription drugs. Alex’s love and inner strength are tested over and over again because of Tony’s cyclic behavior of medicating, lying, depleting their savings, and ultimately losing his job. Alex struggles to save her husband and marriage from the drugs’ stronghold. Throughout this subjugated struggle, she faces the wrath of her own mother, who is delusional and who suffers from paranoid schizophrenia. She turns to her Christian faith and her beloved sister for support, comfort, and sustenance throughout her dark times.

At the end of Book 1, Alex, who is unable to save Tony from his tragic demise, faces life as a single woman. This story is sprinkled with themes of faith, love, family, despair, and tragedy. Prominent issues of marriage, divorce, gun control, prescription drug abuse, and suicide are addressed.