Three Day Nights

Top to Bottom, Left to Right:  Book Cover, Officer Pete Peterson at a celebration for Officer Good’s graduation, Sheriff Dan Good, Officer Pete Peterson, who lost his life, and Officer Dan Good bringing James Hutchins, who killed three officers in less than 15 minutes, out of the woods after he was captured and arrested. Hutchins was convicted, sentenced to death, and was the first person executed by lethal injection in North Carolina in 1984.

Three Day Nights is a page-turner that recalls the senseless and cold-blooded murders of three dedicated law officers and explores the possibility of forgiveness in the wake of the darkest sins. This book is an intersection of facts and fiction – an amalgam of events, rumored stories, composite characters, and imagination and one impacted by a myriad of issues:  domestic abuse, poverty, depression, violence, and alcoholism.

The story reminds us that our sins are equal in the eyes of God, and no matter what sins we commit in our lifetime, God’s grace and mercy offers unconditional love and forgiveness when it is accepted with remorse and repentance. Jesus’s death on the cross paid the price for our sins.

I began writing Three Day Nights fifteen years ago after my respect and admiration grew for the family members, friends, and co-workers who recounted the events of May 31, 1979, and their stories of endurance, anguish, and quieted memories in order to survive their worst nightmares. I finished Three Day Nights with the hope and a whispered prayer that events like these won’t happen again.

Three Day Nights will help readers to

  • recognize that life is a precious nanosecond by nanosecond journey that can be terminated all too easily by the maliciousness of a single, reckless act.
  • explore the act of forgiveness that God exemplifies and makes possible.
  •  extend helping hands to the hungry, the sick, the imprisoned, the destitute, the grief stricken, the orphan, and the widow.

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