Where She is Loved (A Memoir)

Lisa Wright 3From a young age when she was told stories about Jesus, Lisa Wright has believed in God and walked a difficult, but faith-filled journey. Through mishaps, abuse, and heartaches, she has learned not to rely just on herself for strength or sustenance, but mainly on our Father who is in heaven. God has always provided for her and her family, and she knows He always will.

Lisa lost her husband to murder – at the hands of her son-in-law and daughter, who needed cash to supply their drug habits. With this shocking turn of events, she was thrust into the “mother role” for her six year old grand-daughter after Lisa’s daughter was sentenced to 25 years and her son-in-law was sentenced to life for murdering her husband.

In recent years, Lisa became the sole caretaker for her step-mother, the woman who had tormented her, hated her, and abused her as a child. Lisa’s life is an example of faith, forgiveness, endurance, and love.